About Maxcess

As the parent company to four of the web handling industry leading names, Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR, Maxcess places over 160 combined years of innovative products and technological know-how at your disposal. From general rewind/unwind machine components to custom-built guiding systems, to web tension control, we can deliver everything you need to make your operations run faster, straighter, and more efficient.

Our worldwide sales teams are factory-trained across all product lines -precision rolls, guiding, inspection, slitting, winding and tension control to help identify those areas in your specific application where significant improvements to your bottom line can be made. So, you not only get the advanced products and systems you need, you get the localized sales and support you want.

Because we offer a full line of web components and accessories, we can solve almost any problem you throw at us. Typical industries we serve include converting, packaging, printing, nonwovens, corrugating, plastics, metals, wire, laminating, film, tire/rubber, textiles, paperboard, pulp, and paper.

To be the leader in maximizing our customer’s productivity with innovative web handling products and services worldwide.
We will achieve our mission by asking our customers what they need, listening to them and delivering above their expectations.


We are honest and fair in all situations, always treating people with dignity and respect
Our integrity is never compromised – we always do the right thing
We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and do this by serving them directly (or through someone who does)
We continuously improve all of our business processes – lean is our quality tool of choice
We are passionate about and committed to what we do
Our standards are high – we seek to be the best
We collaborate internally with one another and externally with our customers and suppliers
We encourage one another and act with a common purpose and sense of urgency
We strive for injury-free workplaces and personally comply with all safety rules
Our facilities are compliant with all regulatory requirements – we proactively work to address any known issues