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Coatings and Platings

  • High Release Tungsten Carbide (Plasma) Coatings
  • Chrome Plating
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Hardcoat Anodize

Perhaps your web is abrasive enough to scratch the surface of steel idlers. Or maybe the caustic vapors of your coating operation likes to pit and corrode aluminum rolls. And it would not be unusual if your coated web was causing some trouble by sticking just a little too much to certain rolls in the line.

These are typical challenges where custom roll coatings and platings are used successfully every day to improve web handling. The real challenges, however, are much more numerous. Likewise, the custom solutions Webex has to offer are quite varied and unique.

Here you’ll find some of the more common coating and plating options used today to meet the challenge of unique environments, webs and converting processes. This overview is meant to provide an initial understanding of solutions that may work for you. For professional assistance in selecting the best possible option, talk to our Customer Support Specialists. They have the experience and expertise to properly shape your decision.

Coating and Plating Specifications

  • Hardcoat AnodizeTransforms aluminum surface to aluminum oxide
    Excellent wear resistance and toughness
    As hard as chrome plated steel
    Can be impregnated with Teflon® for improved release
    Does not chip, peel or crack
    FDA approved
  • Electroless NickelExcellent corrosion protection
    Does not require grinding after plating
    Can be applied to both steel and aluminum
    FDA approved
    Preferred coating for clean-room components
    Abrasion resistant at 50 – 60 Rockwell C
    Can be plated on heat-transfer roll internal water passages
  • Chrome PlatingAn industry standard for steel
    Abrasion resistant at 60 – 70 Rockwell C
    Corrosion resistant
    Preferred coating for fine grinding and superfinishing
  • High Release Tungsten Carbide (Plasma) CoatingsAs sprayed finish 200 – 500 Ra provides traction surface
    Superior release characteristics
    Abrasion resistant up to 72 Rockwell C
    A favorite for tape and coated adhesive lines