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NimCor Roll Restorer

  • Air-operated hydraulic pump
  • 20-ton hydraulic ram with expander head
  • Bar-lock assembly
  • 25.4 mm (1 inch) diameter alloy steel draw bar
  • Expander head and adapter flange
  • Rugged mobile cart or forklift-mountable

The NimCor Roll Restorer quickly turns seemingly unusable stock back into profitable inventory by helping to salvage virtually any roll with a crushed or damaged core. The Roll Restorer can also be used to install shafts while restoring damaged rolls.

Choose from Two Models:
Standard Model: 50.8 mm to 152.4 mm Core ID
Heavy Duty Model: 50.8 mm to 304.8 mm Core ID (forklift mountable)
Click here to watch a video of the Roll Restorer in action.