A Cleaner Cut for NonWoven Solutions

“What impressed us was the engineering, the ease of use, and ease of setting. The slitters were real easy to set, change, and adjust.”

Papiers Stadacona Increases Speed, Flexibility with Slitter Retrofit

By controlling the knives from a remote location, Papier Stadacona is able to eliminate the potential risk of injuries to an operator during the slitter positioning process, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.

Slitting Materials: Technical Articles

An informative series by Reinhold Schable explores the unique slitting challenges presented by many of the most popular materials.

Slitting Methods: Technical Articles

Razor, Shear, Crush or Score? Determine which method is best for your application in this informative series by industry expert Reinhold Schable.

Managing overspeed

Learn how management of overspeed in tangent shear-slitting applications can reduce edge defects like angel hair.

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