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Fife DSE-17 Wide Band Infrared Sensor

  • Wide proportional band reduces manual sensor repositioning
  • Tracks up to 4 independent web edges simultaneously
  • Features a contamination monitoring analog signal
  • Optional air sweep available
  • No opacity set-up required
  • Immune to web plane changes
  • Protected against ambient light
  • Displays the edge position and the self-diagnostic results through the built-in LED display
  • Allows small distance to machine frame
  • Can be connected to all available Fife web guide controllers

The DSE-17 is a digital wide proportional band infrared sensor. The sensor is most suitable for applications where opacity or density variations may occur, such as tissue, non-woven, textile, paper, foil, and for many opaque films. It can track up to 4 independent web edges simultaneously.

When web width variations exist, the wide proportional band of the DSE-17 sensor eliminates the need for the manual repositioning of the sensor.

Thanks to its IP-65 rating the DSE-17 can be installed even in the presence of water spray or condensation. The digital technique is immune to higher levels of contamination, compared with traditional analog sensors. The contamination of the sensor acrylic window can be monitored via a proportional analog output signal. An air sweep system is available as an option. In addition the DSE-17 sensor is protected against the influence of ambient light.

Fife DSE-17 Sensor Specifications

  • Sensor Field of View160  mm / 300 mm / 420 mm6.30 inch / 11.81 inch / 16.54 inch
  • 광원Infrared light
  • Wave Length850 Nm
  • Window MaterialAcrylic (PMMA)
  • 오퍼레이팅 온도10 to 60˚ C50 to 140˚ F
  • IP보호IP65
  • 무게900  gram / 1,480 gram31.75 oz / 52.21 oz
  • 전원 공급+10 to +28 V
  • 출력 시그널0 to 10 mA
    (4 to 20  mA optional)
  • 선형성Error less than 1%
  • 웹 위치 변경0.5 % maximum error
  • 온도 드리프트0.5 % maximum error (between 10 ° to 50 ° C)0.5 % maximum error (between 50 ° to 122 ° F)
  • Cable LengthStandard: up to 15 metersOptional: up to 40 metersStandard: up to 49.21 ftOptional: up to 131.23 ft