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Tidland Boschert Safety Chucks

  • Self closing handwheel (if manual closing is overlooked) to prevent unintentional shaft release during operation
  • Designed for a wide variety of load and speed conditions
  • Handwheel locks for turret winders and related applications
  • Replaceable inserts minimize cost of ownership and insure long term optimal performance
  • Unique socket design for high speed and high load applications minimizes vibration
  • Standard or customizable shafts for most brake and drive requirements

Tidland System Boschert Safety Chucks are a pre-engineered solution for roll support and torque transfer in unwind and rewind applications. With a variety of options depending upon the level of safety and automation required, these versatile chucks deliver reduced setup times, improved roll quality, and lower maintenance costs.

Manual Safety Chucks are available in fixed or sliding designs, with a unique self-closing feature to ensure safe performance even if the operator neglects to close the chuck after loading. An effective load bearing design ensures long life and smooth rotation. Optional replaceable socket inserts and adapters for MAGPOWR global brakes make these chucks suitable for virtually any application.

A Laser Alignment Tool is available for purchase or rent to troubleshoot vibration or wear issues with safety chucks with VT inserts where misalignment may be the cause. See the Installation and Operation document below for more information.

Safety Chucks Model Comparison

  • 22-30
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair800 kg1,764 lb
  • Journal Square22 to 30 mm
  • Torque180 Nm
  • Speed1,350 rpm
  • Brake Model200, 205, 305T
  • 30-40
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair1,600 kg
  • Journal Square30 to 40 mm
  • Torque350 Nm
  • Speed1,350 rpm
  • Brake Model250, 305T, 380
  • 40-50
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair2,800 kg
  • Journal Square40 to 50 mm
  • Torque1,100 Nm
  • Speed1,350 rpm
  • Brake Model305T, 460

*Sliding chuck axial adjustment is between 50.8 mm - 101.6 mm depending on model.