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Cooling Options for MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes

  • Forced air cooling
  • Water cooling
  • Forced air and water cooling
  • Overspeed control

Used under slip conditions, MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes generate significant heat that must be dissipated. Often, that heat is dispersed via that model’s convection cooling ability. If the application exceeds the dissipation capacity of a convection cooled model, additional heat dissipation capacity can be achieved through the addition of MAGPOWR’s forced air or water cooled options. The addition of these accessories can increase the heat dissipation capacity by 300-500 percent.

FORCED AIR COOLED: The air hood and blower assembly is a pre-assembled shroud that forces air from the blower through the clutch or brake. Forced air-cooling is particularly useful on applications having a low RPM unit. Factory assembled units with this option are designated by the letter “A” after the model number.

WATER COOLED: In these units water is forced into the hollow rotor through a tube in the shaft and is returned through the shaft to the special water fitting or coupling. Water-cooled clutches and brakes are designated by the letter “W” after the model number. Water fittings must be ordered separately.

FORCED AIR & WATER COOLED: The Forced Air and Water Cooled combo on a MAGPOWR unit gives maximum heat dissipation capacity. Factory assembled units with both options are designated by the letters “WA.”

OVERSPEED CONTROL: An additional option to these cooling methods on rewinds is to use the ‘inverse diameter’ option available with some of our open loop and closed loop controllers. The controllers limit overspeed and thus heat as a rewind roll grows in diameter and the rpm slows.